French inspired cabinetry


How many of you would have given anything to have a beautiful study space like this when you were at school and Uni?

This impressive cabinetry was crafted by the Charcoal Interiors workshop right here in downtown Fortitude Valley Brisbane for one very lovely young lady.

Her parents contacted the Charcoal Interiors team to discuss having a desk space and cabinetry made for her bedroom.  After much discussion and deliberation, the team got to work with the end goal in mind to craft something truly impressive… I’m certain that they fulfilled this goal and then some!

Today I sat down with Cathie Venardos – Director of Charcoal Interiors and asked her a little bit about this project.

What was the client brief?:
Cathie – “Our clients wanted a versatile study space and their daughter loved the French look.  She loved the Louis XVI inspired turned leg style and the cabinetry had reflect that.  Another ‘must have’ was Glass doors, pinboard, lots of storage with ‘olde world’ charm ornate features and detailing”  So we took all of this into account with the collaborative design, whilst also keeping in mind the architecture of the home so there is a modern twist in there too” “We had worked with this lovely family before on various projects and after a while you get to understand on a deeper level what their style is and how to interpret and translate their ideas into something tangible…it’s very exciting!”

Why did you choose the white finish on the cabinetry?
Cathie – “White was chosen because of the size of the room.  White keeps an open feel and doesn’t enclose the space, keeping a nice flow through the room.  It’s a large piece yet when you walk into the space it has balance and feels like it just belongs there.”

What were some of the challenges you faced with this project?
Cathie – “Well, this was floor to ceiling cabinetry to be installed on the top level of the residence, accessed via a curving stairwell.  Clever design made for ease of installation”

I understand your clients were overseas during install.  What was their reaction to the cabinetry?
Cathie – “Yes, that is correct that the clients were away during install.  They were absolutely thrilled with the end result and their daughter now has a really gorgeous space to study and get creative.  It’s a real thrill when you get that  client phone call or email to say Love, Love it!”

Workshop manager john creating and planning.

Cathie Venardos and John going over ideas and rough sketches for the cabinetry project.

Colette Venardos looking over the space and measuring up!

Installing the cabinetry