The 5 top things that great interior designers know best


Google the words ‘Interior Designer’ and you will have a page filled with names.

Lists and lists of Designers willing to take on your project. But, just like any profession there are good and bad.

How do you find a really great interior designer?

From the experiences of the Charcoal Interiors design team, there are certain concepts and ideals that they understand and do best. It’s a bit like what goes on behind the scenes at a movie set…we all get to see the end results…which is usually pretty impressive, but what about the lighting, the sound, the production and so on. There’s so much more to the process that we don’t know about. We just take the end result for granted. Same goes for Interior Design. It can be complex and involved which is why its so important to have the experience of a really great designer who can see further than just the project at hand.

Here’s the top five things that GREAT designers know best.

1. they know the importance of design for your family now and also into the future.

A good designer will get to know you and your family.  They take the time to sit down and discuss your lifestyle, family dynamics etc….helping you to design an environment around your life and what you do.  If you love family time together around the television, then its important to have a living space that’s conducive to comfort and community.  Young children have specific space needs, but it’s also important to consider the older they get, the more personal space they will need.  Who thinks of these things and then knows how to meld the big picture for future years….a good designer does!

2.  they are excellent mediators.

He likes this and she likes that.  We have all been there and it can be so frustrating as a couple, to have to fight our spouse or partner for our ideas to be not only heard but implemented.  I mean that Moose Head HAS to go….right!?  Right??  Well, a good designer will take on the his and the hers ideas and merge them harmoniously.  If you think it’s not possible then you haven’t found the right designer yet! 🙂

3.  they will challenge your paradigm and lovingly coax you into the shift.

Even though we may be asking for help from an Interior Designer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are ready to let go of some of our ‘old’ ways.  A really good Interior Designer will gently coax you into your new look.  After all its about creating a space for you that enhances and reflects the person that you are and the things that you love and not necessarily about creating a space to the exact definitions out of a magazine photograph.

4. they put the client first.

Our designers eat, sleep and breathe design. There is no airy-fairy nonchalant attitude when it comes to delivering a sensational finished job. You should expect for every fine detail to be taken into consideration. Place your confidence into a designer with vast experience, excellent reviews and completed project portfolios.

5. they know how to gain optimum resale value whilst creating a home that functions for the ‘now’.

The family home is just that…a home…in every sense of the word. A good designer helps you to create the bathroom, kitchen and floor plan that suits YOU for NOW whilst also incorporating the image of what a future buyer will be looking for. It’s a delicate balance and a considered process.

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