Tween Bedroom Ideas


Definition: ‘Tween’ Child between the ages of 9 and 14.

As the saying goes, “Too old for toys and too young for boys”. Remember when you were a ‘Tween’? For me, it was about 100 years ago, yet I do recall that ‘awkward phase’ of not really fitting in and being a bit clunky and clumsy.

These days, Tweens are usually distracted fairly easily by their mobile phones, music, computers and gadgets, making it easier for you to infiltrate their bedroom space with Ninja-like stealth.

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There are ways to keep the Tweens room clutter free and organised, remove the baby-ish elements and transition through to a space more age appropriate.

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Get your child involved in the process.

It’s a great way to connect and also find out what they like? Spend time together creating a mood board. This is a great way to find out what they like and dislike, what colours they love, accessories etc…

Kids love to express their passions.  Incorporate framed posters of their favourite sports person, or for the more fashionable inclined, try framed or mounted posters from old Audrey Hepburn movies as an interesting twist.

Study spaces

Now that they’re growing up, its super important to create a study space, away from the kitchen or living room areas where distractions can be customary. A good study area requires a desk, good lighting, comfortable chair, shelving for storage and easy access to chargers.

In the example below, Charcoal Interiors had this customised shelving and desk area made for our client.
As usual, it nearly always starts with a hand drawn sketch.

The finished product looked terrific, and our client absolutely loved it!

Downtime is important to all of us, and Tweens need a good balance of fun, parties, school and sports plus the ever important downtime. A nook to relax and get some quiet time with Beanbags, Big Cushions or even a hanging seat for something really special.

If your Tween enjoyed putting together the mood board with you, then they will love to create their very own inspiration board using on of our custom made pinboards, crafted to a size that suits you and then covered in beautiful fabrics.

Charcoal Interiors Custom Made Pinboards…Available Now! Fill it with artwork, paintings, photos, party invites etc..for less clutter and a fun way to organise all those bits and pieces.